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What do we offer?

Free Consultation

Pharmacy 7 is a reliable place to find a solution for health issues. At Pharmacy 7 we aim to enhance our customers’ experience with a wide range of services. We are pleased to announce free consultation services for our customers to offer a different experience at our organization.

We acquire a brilliant group of expert professionals from diverse fields, and we aim to enhance the patients’ experience with our free consultation services from the world-class doctors. Now you can ask any health-related questions to the doctors, and you don’t have to pay for it. The free consultation service is aimed to give you instant solutions from our doctors and such urgent care service is changing the definition in recent years.

Now patients can contact the doctors directly, and they can discuss their problem with the doctors. In many cases, patients need to contact the doctor immediately, and this service from Pharmacy 7 has changed the way of medical care in 2018.

Our free consultation service can help you with different conditions that can be diagnosed and treated visually. The doctors will connect you through a camera and the microphone, and you can discuss your problems or ask for solutions. The online consultation service has changed the way of treatment as it saves your valuable time and money and you get the treatment immediately that is convenient and cost-effective at the same time. Also, if you require the prescription, our doctors will assist you with that.

Accepting Most Insurance

Pharmacy 7 aims to be your reliable medical assistant where you can get hundreds of services under the same roof. Sometimes you want to cut off your medical expenses by purchasing medical insurances for your family members; however, the problem occurs when the medical clinic doesn’t accept that insurance. You might end up spending huge expense for the treatment that can be reduced with the health insurance. You have to check whether the clinic will provide coverage for your insurance and then you can visit the clinic.

Unlike others, we are committed to offering the best patient care and services to the patients. We have earned a good reputation by offering world-class patient care at the best price. The best thing about Pharmacy 7 is the acceptance of insurance that you can’t find anywhere else. At Pharmacy 7 we accept a wide range of health insurance that will help you to reduce the cost of treatment. We have previously stated we aim to enhance our patients’ experience with our services and such services have helped us to become a leading health care service provider in 2018.

We are committed to offering the best experience on our platform, and our professionals will help you understand about the billing and insurance policies so that you can make the most of it. We accept most of recognized health insurance plans so that our patients can get the treatment at the best price from us.

Free Delivery

Pharmacy 7 is proud to announce the free medicine delivery services for the patients, and now you won’t have to visit the stores to get your medicines. We believe in quality patient care, and our free medicine delivery service is initiated to provide everything at your doorstep so that getting a service seems more convenient for you.

Now you can log on to our website and upload your prescriptions to get the medicines on time. We will collect your prescription and then our doctor will call you to confirm your orders. Once you confirm the order, our delivery service will deliver the medicines on your address. The best thing about purchasing medicines online is a lucrative discount that you can get from time to time.

Pharmacy 7 has successfully expanded its network over the years, and now there is a wide range of medications available online on our website. We assure you that the medicines are sourced from our trusted network of medical stores and pharmacies, and you don’t have to worry about the authentication. Also, you can also get your medicines on time as we know the importance of timely delivery.

Pharmacy 7 is trying to emerge as a leading healthcare service provider, and we rely on advanced technology that automatically prepares the list of previously ordered medicines, and you can easily reorder the medicine from our website. You can also download the app from the play store and use it for ordering your medicines or getting other services from Pharmacy 7.

Special Consultation about Chronic Diseases

Pharmacy 7 also offers special consultation services for chronic ailments that can’t be treated with online assistance. Numerous conditions are hard to diagnose online, and in such cases, the patients are advised to get a special consultation from Pharmacy 7. It includes face to face interaction with the doctor where the patient will be diagnosed properly, and the doctor will prescribe the medicines afterwards.

We have previously stated that we acquire a group of expert professionals ranging from top Doctors, healthcare professionals and others, who are dedicated to offering the best patient care from Pharmacy 7. Special consultation is recommended for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, HIV, Parkinson’s disease etc.

At first, you will have to book your appointment from our website, and you will be provided with the date and time accordingly. Once you book your appointment, we will confirm it, and after confirmation, you have to visit our clinic on the given date and time. Special consultation might include full-body checkup depending on the conditions, and it will help you to detect other ailments or conditions accordingly. We are committed to providing the best healthcare services to our patients and the special consultation service is aimed at your convenience. Here is a list of conditions ideal for special consultation

Drug Preparation

Pharmacy 7 is recognized for offering a wide range of world-class healthcare treatment and services, and if you are looking to get the best treatment at a most affordable cost, you have come to the right place. We are a group of professionals from diverse fields, and we aim to enhance the patients’ experience through our services. At Pharmacy 7, our medical staffs have gained their expertise with years of experience, and we know what suits your condition better. To serve our customers in a better way we have initiated to conduct advanced drug preparation programs for elders that are designed to provide you with the best solutions for your ailments.

We provide a wide range of treatment to the patients, and our customer-centric approach has helped us to emerge as one of the best clinics. Medication assistance is a vital part of treatment, and we offer advanced drug preparation programs for elders that help you to know more about the medication, dosage, associated concerns, factors to consider and many more.

Public health is important for Pharmacy 7, and we only work with expert professionals who are trained and aim to contribute positively to the mission. We believe that health is wealth and until we educate our patients on public health and the situation won’t change. Our advanced drug preparation programs for elders are aimed to enhance the audience engagement and the betterment of lives and reduce the errors in drug preparations. Doses and preparation are vital, and it needs to be administered, and the people appreciate our advanced drug preparation programs, and we are working for a better tomorrow.

Similar to the advanced drug preparation, Pharmacy 7 also introduces weekly blister packs for the patients that will help you to become more arranged to prepare the medication schedule. Many people face difficulties to manage their medical schedule accordingly, and this service is aimed to simplify their experience from now onwards. In many cases, patients are unable to take their medications as directed and it affects their health sometimes. Our weekly blister packs are labeled with days and dosage time like Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. Our weekly blister packs will help you prepare a medication schedule easily, and you can organize your doses of medication on a weekly basis.

You can attach the pharmacy label on the top of each card, and there are adequate spaces to keep a variety of medication for a week. Our staffs are dedicated to enhancing the patients’ experience, and if you find it hard to arrange, you can ask our staffs to do it for you. You can get lucrative discounts on the blister packs from time to time, and we hope it is helpful for those who used to face difficulties to manage their medications. Weekly blister pack service from Pharmacy 7 has been successful and if you also face difficulties to manage your medications, call us today or visit our facility.

Special Care

Pharmacy 7 is dedicated to the betterment of the lives, and we are pleased to introduce a variety of speciality care services for elders/children/ pregnant woman & nursing moms. It is unfortunate that people often face mobility issues, incontinence or they have to deal with impaired memory that brings additional hazards in the lives of the patients. We at Pharmacy 7, acquire a brilliant group of professionals and several dedicated departments to take care of elderly patients for their various requirements. Our dedicated services for elderly patients are designed to address health issues like

  • Immobility
  • Incontinence
  • Incontinence

People lose the ability of physical movement in many health conditions and the error in motor movements makes their lives more complicated like never before. Mobility is associated with the difficulty in movement, and many health conditions lead the patients to develop mobility issues in the future. We need the strength of muscle and adequate energy to move from one place to another but those, who face mobility issues, lack the required muscle strength and energy for the same.

Joint function, neuromuscular synchronization or skeletal disorders sometimes result in altered mobility or lead towards the risk. In general, chronic pain, diseases or traumatic injuries lead to mobility issues, and it can also result from various surgical procedures, traumatic injuries and medical disorders. Conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, cerebral palsy, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis often lead to developing mobility issues in patients.

Pharmacy 7 aims to enhance the quality of life with their special care services that can help your near and dear ones to get rid of the negative consequences and other psychological effects from such conditions. We are committed to offering a new life to the patients, and if you are in search of something like this, you should contact us to get more details about it.

Incontinence is a condition that is observed among the elders, and it can result from different health conditions. Pharmacy 7 is one of the top-clinics that offer special care services for elders/children/ pregnant woman & nursing moms, and we are happy to introduce special care services for patients with incontinence issues. Incontinence can result from the problems in the nervous system, overactive bladder, constipation, Spina birida, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes or others.

Incontinence generally affects the self-esteem in a society, and if your near and dear ones are suffering from such problems, your worry is over. We employ trained staffs for our special care services, and they will take care of everything.

Memory/intellect impairment is a condition that can result from numerous ailments and it affects the personal life of an individual in reality. Patients with impaired memory/ intellect need special care, and we at Pharmacy 7 are offering special care for impaired memory/intellect to enhance the quality of lives of the patients. People with impaired intellect/memory stuck between the good and bad and they face difficulties with daily activities like eating, bathing, toileting etc.

Our special care services are aimed to provide different personal care, health care, household care and supervision that will make their lives simple and happier. People with impaired memory face hundreds of troubles with tasks, whether it’s cooking, bathing, eating, shopping or something else. Medication and dosage are vital for them, but impaired memory makes it complicated to manage the medication on their own.

Our trained staffs will look after the patients and help them with personal care, health care, household care and they will monitor their activities at home. If you know someone, which deals with such issues or is looking for a reliable solution to handle such things, your search ends here at Pharmacy 7.