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As a pharmacy innovation company in Canada, our aim is very simple and clear. We are here to ensure your good health and peace of mind. We are one of the premier medical services and products providers in Canada. From advising our customers on prescriptions to providing right solutions for different health conditions, Pharmacy 7 has established itself as one of the most proficient and trusted organizations in Canada. We feel glad to admit that we want to play an active and supportive role in the development of the healthcare industry and medicines.

We are committed to providing effective healthcare solutions to our esteemed customer. We aim to empower our customers with knowledge so that they can manage their healthcare and avoid medication errors. Consumers’ safety is one of our top priorities, and we take additional measure to deliver safe and quality products.


We are Your One-Stop Solutions



All you need to know about us

1Access to Medicines and Convenient Home Delivery

We can help you to avail various medicines that can help you or your loved ones to recover from different health disorders. We always welcome you to come in at our healthcare canter and access our vast collection of medicines and pick the ones you need.

Our convenient home delivery service has been designed to cater to customers who are unable to reach our facility. You can call us any time or visit our website to upload the prescriptions for medicines you need. We feel glad for successfully catering thousands of customers through our convenient home delivery facility.

2We are Your One-Stop Solutions

Here at Pharmacy7, we do not only provide life-saving medicines but also fulfill the demand of our customers by serving wellness products, herbal products, diabetic care kits, health supplements, vitamins, pain relievers, mother care products, and many others.

Here, we can provide you with a new type of pharmacy experience that can save both your money and time. We can help you to avoid standing in queues for hours by delivering the medicines at your doorstep. We house a range of medicines and other healthcare products, and we can help you by delivering the right medicines at the right time.

Our handy reminder facility will help you to get all necessary medicines on time. Thus, you will never get run out of your medication, as our reminder service will alert you on time. You can call us any time, as our helpful pharmacists will always be there to help with the right information and products.

Also, if you are taking the same medicines for a specific health condition, you can opt for our repeat prescription service. We can take care of your prescription and arrange required medicines to deliver them at your doorstep.

We are one of the premier pharmacies in Canada, and we are here to help you and your loved ones to access all necessary medicines and healthcare products. Thus, call us today or visit our walk-clinic for all your healthcare needs.

3Unparalleled Experience

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we are aware of your complications and needs. We have spent years serving the people of Canada, and we know how to help a person seeking best healthcare solutions. We will listen to your problem first and then prepare plans to deliver the best products and solutions.

We believe in building relationships with our customer by providing a unique and unparalleled experience. Here at Pharmacy 7, we are committed to providing highly-satisfactory customer experience to our clients and visitors. We know the importance of good health and always try to deliver the most suitable and effective solutions that help our customers to get rid of a number of complications.

4Seamless Care

Here at Pharmacy 7, we have experienced many challenges and complexities in the past, and our experience has helped us to become one of the most reputed healthcare products and service providers in Canada. We have created a home-like environment for patients suffering from chronic ailments.

We have been working with experienced physicians and advanced medical equipment for years, and we know how to deliver satisfactory services with more seamless approaches. We aim to take care of your present health issues, prevent further complexities and ensure healthy living for your customers. Our target is to make every customer happy with quality products and seamless medical care.

5Our Mission

Our mission is to work for the innovation and leadership in the industry of healthcare service. We will continue to work on clinical practices, research, and education. We aim to excel in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science through discoveries and new challenges.

We are committed to creating a learning environment that will accept diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and respect. We believe in praising critical thinking and quality improvement through quality services and products. We care for our service standard and always want to keep it high so that our customers can get the best from us even in the farthest future.


At Pharmacy 7, your satisfaction will go beyond curing patients. We are here to make your life healthier and happier. Our experienced health professionals are there to ensure that you will get the best treatment from our end. Our pharmacists have gained their expertise through therapeutic care and different aspects of investigative work.

Our pharmacists and medical staff are there to give their best to meet our objectives and customers’ needs. Our medical teams of skilled professionals are trained to deliver excellent service. Our reputation, satisfactory customer service, quality products, and excellent healthcare services have made us one of the premier healthcare service providers in Canada.

7World Class Healthcare Facilities

As one of the most reputed healthcare centers in Canada, Pharmacy 7 is here to provide you total healthcare solutions. Here at our pharmacy-come-clinic, we do not only help our customer by providing right medicines at the best-in-the-industry price but also provide walk-in clinic facility, where our experienced physicians can take care of your health issues.

Our walk-in-clinic is designed to serve people who come in with different complications and look for instant solutions. Here, we must say that our clinic is different from traditional doctor offices, as we are here to serve you 24/7 hours. We always welcome our walk-in patients who are looking for instant solutions. We want our customer to visit our facility whenever they encounter health issues, and that is why we always take care of our quality of service and customer satisfaction.

8Enjoy a Variety of Advantages

No matter whether you are insured or not, you should not wait for a scheduled medical checkup. If you are suffering from any viral disease, infection, pain or other issues where immediate medical solutions needed, you must consider visiting our walk-in clinic.

Here at Pharmacy7, we have all kind of facilities to take care of patients of all ages. Our clinic is designed to provide you with medicines and long-term healthcare plans.

Visit a Doctor without an Appointment

There is no need to book for an appointment if you are in a hurry or need an immediate medical solution. Here at Pharmacy7, we can provide you with the right medical solution immediately once you visit our walk-in clinic without even any prior appointment.

Our walk-in clinic service is designed to serve those who do not have any health insurance. We can serve patients who come at our walk-in-clinic for instant relief with all basic medical services even at the nominal cost. Our walk-in clinic has become a viable option for the locals seeking urgent healthcare facilities.

Solutions You Can Get At Our Facility

Though our facility has not been designed for life-threatening emergencies, we can provide you with the instant relief solutions for non-life threatening ailments like:

  • Fever
  • Cold flue
  • Skin disease
  • A severe migraine
  • Sprains
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Eye care including minor injuries
  • Minor cuts and burns
  • Minor broken broke and many other health issues

However, if you have received an injury, where life-saving medicines and support is needed, visiting our walk-in clinic will not be the best option for you. Here at our walk-in clinic, you can avail services like:

  • After hours medical treatment
  • Immunizations
  • Travel vaccines
  • Flu Shots
  • Allergy shots
  • Physical exam
  • Doctors referrals
  • Diagnostic and laboratory imaging services and many others healthcare solutions

Why Should You Visit Our Walk-in Clinic?

Here at our walk-in clinic, you can gain a wide range of facilities that can help you in an emergency. We provide on-demand medical care solution, where a prior appointment is not needed. You can enjoy our service 24x7 hours with minimal waiting time. Our services are available at a very competitive price, and we never compromise with the standard of our healthcare services. Thus, give us a call today and learn more about our medicines, expertise and walk-in-clinic facility today.

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